Our Name

DEDUET, pronounced as "D-Duet". A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which the performers have equal importance to the piece. In that sense, we hope our timeless jewelry brings you the duet between you and your loved piece. Whenever you wear it, you and your jewelry pieces complement each other. 

Our Story

DEDUET is a California-based, female-founded jewelry brand established in 2023. Noticing it's hard to find a high-quality jewelry shop with reasonable price tags, the founder Ye decided to start one herself, which not only helps her bring more delicate, pretty jewelry pieces to more people, it also helps her share her passion for making hand-made pearl jewelry with the public. 

Our Mission

From day one, we strongly believe jewelry is a medium to express yourself, to show care for yourself, and your beloved ones. We aim to find the fabulous hand-picked selections and bring your everyday's timeless pieces at great prices. 

Along with our mission, we are also committed to: 

1. Making our process fully sustainable from sourcing materials to delivering products. 

2. Nurturing a community that supports self cares and cares for the world around.